Anonymous asked:

i liked the video, why didn't you? :) (not trying to be annoying hah)


It was dull and boring, and the concept (if there even was one) was poorly excecuted.

They seem extremely determined not to use girls in their videos, which I appreciate tbh, seeing them pretend to sing lovingly to some random girl they met 10 minutes prior does nothing for me. I think after the first two videos they realised that having girls didn’t bode well with the fans.

But Someone should tell Ben that there are ways to invoke romance without using a girl as the focus, and not lose the entire purpose of the song, and not turn it into a joke. This video had no substance, no emotion. It looks like something someone world have tried to hand in for a high school media arts class. It just wasn’t good. The effects weren’t even that good.

Story Of My Life, while the video really had absolutely nothing at all to do with the song (like nothing at all), it was still well done. Thought and effort still went into it. It didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, there wasn’t any connection between the song and the video, but the video was good enough that it made up for it.

If they’re at a point where this is what they’re coming up with for romantic songs, maybe they should have had don’t forget where you belong as the summer single. You and I was a terrible choice.